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Welcome to the online home of Lighthouse Outreach Ministries and Turning Point Mission Center. We are so happy you decided to visit. Here, you’ll find a place of inspiration and information for a Christ-centered life. Whether you’ve been in church all your life or are new to faith, we embrace you. Ours is a ministry that seeks to meet people where they are and help them grow. We provide a range of services, including Bible lessons, youth programming, food assistance to the needy, daily prayer support, fitness and nutrition information for healthy living, and more. We take seriously Jesus Christ’s call to service and seek to serve the whole person. When you’re with us, we pray you feel right at home because you are with family.

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Public Alert!

Please be informed of a scam being conducted in which an individual or individuals are doing door to door solicitations using the name Turning Point Mission Center as their organization. They are asking for donations to fight crime. This is a scam! Turning Point Mission Center is not conducting this fundraiser. If you are solicited by one of these individuals, call your local law enforcement, immediately! Mission Center is not conducting this fundraising drive. Should you be contacted by someone using this approach to solicit a donation from you, please call your local law enforcement to report them, immediately!  Thank you!

Respectfully yours,

Elder Michael F. Owen

Senior Pastor